The Podcaster’s Guide to the Conspiracy

(More) Conspiracy Theories in Fiction

May 16, 2022

Josh and M return once more to the well that is conspiracy theories in fiction. There are a lot of spoilers to that show you probably watched an episode of. You know the one. It ran, what? A season? You probably only saw it on late night TV. Indeed, it rather annoys me now that M didn't talk at all about the "War of the Worlds" TV series. Not the recent French or BBC one. No, the show which ran at the end of the 90s and the early 80s. It even had TV's "The Highlander" in it. Well, for one season. One inferior season. But it was all about how the world had covered up and forgotten about the invasion as seen in the George Pal film. Because, yes, for some reason they decided to make a spin-off TV series in the late 80s to a mid 50s SF film. It even had one returning cast member in a recurring role. Anyway, it had quite a lot of conspiracy theory in it. It's also one of M's guilty pleasures, so why they didn't mention it I don't know...

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