Episode 77 - Bertrand Russell: JFK Conspiracy Theorist!

November 27, 2015
Who's the most famous JFK conspiracy theorist you can think of? If you happen to be a philosopher, then the answer surely must be Bertrand Russell. Although what he has to do with the mysterious disappearance of D. B. Cooper no one knows. Certainly not Josh and Matthew.

Music: Glad I'm Not A Kennedy by Levitating Churches

Episode 76 addendum - The Knights Templar

November 20, 2015

In which Matthew remembers to say something he forgot to say last night, in low media resolution!

Sorry; it's a bit loud...

Episode 76 - Le Guide de Podcasteur à la Conspiration

November 20, 2015
What is it with false flags and momentous events? Josh and Matthew take a look at the various arguments and evidence for the claim the terrorist attack at the Bataclan in Paris last Friday was not what it seems. Matthew gets political about the Middle-East and Josh fails to make a musical reference. Everything then ends on a sad series of notes, literally.

Music: Sad French Accordion by Dana Boule

Drew’s Views (Episode 75 - Drew is our Backdoor Lover)

November 13, 2015

In this week's episode of "Drew's Views" we discuss the time traveling antics of Jeb Bush, ruminate on the war on Christmas, and get kind of technical about government agencies inserting backdoors into all of your stuff.

Drew's View theme: My Awesome 80s Locker Poster by Lee Rosevere

End music: Backdoor Lover by Dujour

Episode 74 - The Cultural Marx Brothers

November 6, 2015
Cultural Marxism is blamed for almost everything wrong in the world (if you happen to be on the Right), but what is it? Josh and Matthew discuss Cultural Marxism, Richard Marxism and Ashley Madison, in a quest for truth, justice and the Marxist way of life.

Music: Marks by The Kyoto Connection