Episode 68 - Everything’s Coming Up Milhous

September 25, 2015
Waterhouse... We mean Watergate, was a pivotal moment in American politics (well, one of many, really) and in this episode we look into not just the official theory of Waterhouse... gate, but also some of the many Watergategate theories. Due to issues entirely caused by one of the hosts upgrading his operating system without checking if it supported the audio hardware used to record the show, sound quality is a little variable this week. Hopefully new and exciting drivers will be ready for the next episode...

Music: Watergate by Steve Combs

Episode 67 - Brian L. Keeley’s State of the Nation

September 18, 2015
This week the Podcaster's Guide to the Conspiracy features an interview between Matthew and Brian L. Keeley, of Pitzer College in Claremont, as well as a warning to all the people in the northern hemisphere to have their affairs ready by the 23rd of September...

Music: Ignite the People (Like Obama) by 6th Sense & Mick Boogie

Episode 66 - Whatever happened to Building 7?

September 11, 2015
It's been a year since the co-hosts at the Podcaster's Guide to the Conspiracy covered the events of September 11th, 2001, and, as they promised at the time, there is more to say. This year they look into the fate of Building 7, which was neither struck by a jetliner not subject to the vagaries of jetfuel. So, why did it implode in on itself on 9/11? Is there something to the idea it was part of some inside job? Is 9/11 exactly the same as Die Hard 3, and is Whitehouse Down a better Die Hard movie? These are but some of the issues Josh and Matthew get to grips with this week.

Music: Hello September by Proviant Audio

Episode 65 - Who Benefits the Beneficiaries?

September 4, 2015
Who benefits from the Podcaster's Guide to the Conspiracy? Josh and Matthew ask (and debate the pronunciation of) "cui bono", and apply their reasoning skills to a host of topics which have been previously covered on the podcast. From Pluto to Identity Theory, the question of who the beneficiaries are, and whether it's always sensible to ask "Who benefits?" in the first place, perplexes our no-longer-young heroes.

Music: No Pain, No Gain by The Kyoto Connection