Episode 64 - To Infinity, And Beyond!

August 28, 2015
What unites the apocalyptic planet Nibiru, the Black Knight satellite, and the Horizon flyby of Pluto? Conspiracy theories! Not just conspiracy theories but space conspiracy theories! Join Josh and Matthew as they wander through the solar system. Hear Matthew challenge Josh's every utterance with "allegedly". Learn about Josh's distaste for batvoice! Listen to one of them get their email address wrong once again! It's a space opera without the opera!

Music: Life on Earth by Mary Caroline

Bad thinkers? Don’t be so gullible!

August 24, 2015

"Bad thinkers? Don't be so gullible!" is a response to a piece by the University of Warwick's Quassim Cassam ("Bad thinkers") written by Lee Basham and Matthew R. X. Dentith, and was read by Josh Addison and Matthew R. X. Dentith.

Episode 63 - We go Uncensored

August 21, 2015
Aotearoa/New Zealand has two (maybe three) conspiracist magazines, and Josh and Matthew are the masters of reading! So settle back and enjoy a delightful ramble through the pages of Uncensored Magazine, a periodical which happily melds worries about the impending disaster that is Planet Nibiru with talk about the immoral and immortal Windsor family. Along the way Matthew ventures forth a conspiracy theory about the contents of Uncensored and Josh wonders why chemtrails gets its own special headings.

Music: Robot Pants by Bad Ronald

Episode 62 - The Great Beast vs. Waikato

August 14, 2015
This week Josh and Matthew talk with Dean Ballinger, one of the many Antipodean-based conspiracy theory theorists. Dean wrote his PhD on conspiracy theories in Media Studies, and has recently taken up an interest in the kinds of conspiracy theories conspiracy theory theorists often don't like to talk about, UFO and Occult conspiracy theories. So, settle back for a long-ranging discussion about the Great Beast and Close Encounters of the Third and Weird Kind.

Music: UFOs by The Spectacular Fantastic

Episode 61 - Don’t Panic with Jack Z. Bratich

August 7, 2015

This week Matthew talks about conspiracy panics with the man who coined the term, Jack Z. Bratich (Rutgers). Along the way they discuss problems to do with Liberalism, how people go out of their way to avoid using the term "conspiracy theory", and how a panic-based discourse perverts our political analyses.

Music: About Stones and Gravity by Panicphobia.