Episode 55 - Getting with the Agenda (21)

June 25, 2015
In a slightly less coherent than usual episode, Josh and Matthew delve into Agenda 21, the UN One World Government plan, formulated by Homosexual Communist Nazis and designed to bring good, decent and god-fearing society into disrepute. For an episode on the UN, there's an awful lot of talk about "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". That UN, eh?

Music: "There's a policeman in all our heads (and he must be destroyed)" by Ex Luna.

Episode 54 - We investigate Investigate

June 18, 2015
They say print is dying. Some even say print is already dead. Certainly, for the readers of Investigate, the conservative, Christian and oft-conspiratorial magazine of Aotearoa (New Zealand), the age of the hardcopy is over; Investigate is going purely digital. Josh and Matthew review some of the more interesting and conspiracy theory related stories that have seen print in Investigate. Are they warning of you what has happened, or what might happen next? You'll have to tune in to find out.

Music: Dirty Weekend by The Womb.

Episode 53 - An Issue with Identity

June 11, 2015
What's up with people wanting to be different? In the ideal world of the Podcaster's Guide to the Conspiracy, "The Invasion of the Bodysnatchers" would be a pleasant documentary, not a horror film. So, keeping that in mind, Josh and Matthew delve into Alex Jones' latest estrogen-based conspiracy theory about the homosexual plot to depopulate America. Now with added claims about Caitlyn Jenner!

Music: Stay by the "Easton Ellises"

Episode 52 - We sell you on some medical conspiracies

June 4, 2015
Another episode where our hosts make good on their promises. This time, conspiracy theories about the alleged real cause of autism. Because autism is hardly a laughing matter, Josh and Matthew go a little silly at the dryness of the discussion towards the end. Still, if you want to get in on the "Royal Touch", just sent them an email.

Music: "I'm a Machine" by Glass Lux.